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LinkAhead – Thinking Data Management Ahead

You want to manage your data, without clumsy software restrictions? Start using LinkAhead now!

LinkAhead is a flexible software toolkit to create your own semantic Research Data Management System (RDMS). In contrast to typical approaches LinkAhead is designed to adapt to new requirements: simply start small now and grow big later! The basis of LinkAhead was developed at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Göttingen due to the lack of a suitable RDMS. Based on these solid foundations, LinkAhead now targets the dynamic environment of R&D and its integration with existing workflows is assured to be minimally invasive. In LinkAhead data can be connected according to its meaning. This improves findability and allows you to more easily access legacy data. Hidden treasures are no longer out of reach! The conceptual ideas were published here. Or do you want to try it out right away? Just click the button below (login in for full access: user=admin; password=caosdb):

You like LinkAhead and want to get the most out of it?

The IndiScale team consists of core developers of LinkAhead. With our LinkAhead subscription we can thus provide you with reliable and fast updates and upgrades. Additionally, you will be able to run the software in the best tested environment for maximum reliablility.

Our standard LinkAhead tools cover many use cases right away. Still, you might require a tailored solution for integrating other systems or connecting new hardware, for example some laboratory device that provides lots of data.

We can provide you with personalized software solutions as well as customization and adaptation of the LinkAhead software itself.

We assist customers in all stages on the journey to a comprehensive and well integrated data management.

This includes trainings for LinkAhead, consulting on data management and data safety. We also provide convenient support and maintenance plans for LinkAhead.

The Team

We are passionate about research and software development. Our personal, scientific experience drives us to provide the tools to lighten the burden of data management in research and development. We love to share our knowledge about data management, storage and analysis.

Henrik tom Wörden

Henrik tom Wörden


Timm Fitschen

Timm Fitschen


Alexander Schlemmer

Dr. Alexander Schlemmer


Daniel Hornung

Dr. Daniel Hornung

Finance & Development

What we offer

Here are details on two special offers and the three standard packages:


Get the most out of your Community Edition with the StartAhead package. We organize a workshop on LinkAhead usage at your institution and provide consultation on data models and LinkAhead integration. Also, the amount you paid for StartAhead can be deducted from later purchases of LinkAhead Plus or LinkAhead Pro.

Public Research Institutions

For LinkAhead Plus and LinkAhead Pro, we offer a discount of 30 % to public research institutions! Contact us to find out if your institution qualifies.

LinkAhead Community Edition

The Community Edition includes the sources and a binary package of LinkAhead. You can use this with an arbitrary number of users.

LinkAhead Plus

LinkAhead Plus comes with a special environment (docker) in which your LinkAhead instance runs. This guarantees that you have the best tested and thus most reliable setup. You are provided with updates and upgrades directly by IndiScale which can be easily applied. Furthermore, we include a support quota to cover questions about usage, assistance with the integration of LinkAhead, minor development and customization.

LinkAhead Professional

LinkAhead Professional is your comprehensive all-round plan, so you do not need to worry about anything! You provide the hardware, we install LinkAhead, tend to backups and updates and perform regular data integrity checks. LinkAhead Professional also includes a larger support quota.

Full Power Ahead

1. Price at the Lift-Off Competion

We successfully convinced the jury that our software LinkAhead is not only an innovative approach to face problems in daily research but also a promising business opportunity. We are thus happy to announce: We won the first price in the ‘Science’ catagory!

Picture by Ulrich Schubert; Göttinger Tageblatt; see the corresponding article

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